Light Aircraft Operating Tips

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Light Aircraft Operating Tips

Postby gahorn » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:15 pm

The following email was rec'd by me yesterday:

Your recent post on carrying three adult passengers brought to mind my own lip-biting experiences when conditions on takeoff made me utter things I shouldn't have been saying as a "missionary pilot"! Attached is "Light Aircraft Operating Tips", a pamphlet put out some time ago by Transport Canada. It's too large for me to add to the C-170 website but might be worth an Administrator doing so if you think it would be helpful for those members operating off the pavement.

Best Regards,

Gary Friesen
aka N2582D

I'll add that the booklet also discusses takeoffs on turf and unimproved strips and gives guidance on how to consider runway length under such circumstances.
Thanks, Gary!
Light Aircraft Operating Tips[150191].pdf
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